meet us

Ryan Ozonian

Ryan is the President, CEO and Founder of Mention Mobile. He

has served as producer and creator of various social apps and

games. With a vast background in management and social media

he has used his extensive skill set and creative vision to form

Mention Mobile.

Kory Jones

Kory is the Co-founder of Mention Mobile. An Emmy-winning

creative head and entrepreneur with 13 years experience in

entertainment, revolutionizing live sporting event graphics for FOX,

CBS, ESPN and many other television networks. His history also

includes Pre-Viz direction and VFX supervision for film and games.

Jonathan Ikemura

Jon is the Interactive Artist of Mention Mobile. He's an intrepid

artisan with nearly half a decade of experience in the

entertainment industry, producing projects ranging from motion

graphics to digital photography. Jon is also Founder of the

Condolence Co.

Rohit Kotian

Rohit is the Head Developer of Mention Mobile. He's an

impeccable programmer with excellent and concise coding skills.

With a deep history in computer science, Rohit is able to

neatly structure, flesh out and lay solid, cohesive coding for all

of Mention Mobile's games and applications.

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