A fast and furious turn-based word game. Think fast to build words using letter tiles that race out onto the screen. Use power ups to enhance your score and distract your opponents. Three 2-Minute rounds decides the winner. Compete against friends and random opponents from all over the world.

Mention Mobile teamed up with Chillingo Ltd. to bring you the greatest mix of horse racing and word making! Build words from a pile of letters to advance your horse down the track. Build the better word to outscore your opponents and ultimately cross the finish line first. Play asynchronously with up to 4 opponents.

It's the night before Christmas and arround your friend's house--
zombies have come crawling to eat their brains out!

ZOMBIE XMAS is an addictive high speed shooter that puts you is Santa's shoes during a zombie out break on Christmas Eve! Hook up with facebook and defend your friend's homes. Rack up high scores and give a whole new meaning to Santa's "slay"!

From the untamed imagination of YouTube superstar Phillip DeFranco, Cave Face will instantly warp you into the stone ages. Become the ultimate Caveman or Cave Woman in just a matter of seconds. CaveFace your friends for a great laugh.
How much do you really know about your friends? Put your knowledge to the test in this addicting social trivia game! Trivia Friends offers 200 questions of Facebook fun. Start with simple questions about your friends' hometowns, birthdays and interests then advance to recent Facebook updates and totally tricky puzzles!

Welcome to the world's first social doodling contest!

Doodley is a super fun drawing app that allows you to doodle anything and everything with your finger! Doodle on your own or take a shot at the Weekly Doodley Contests by drawing our totally fun prompts with topics like...Flaming Hotdog, Fat Chef, Sad Panda, Favorite Celebrity and so much more!

Get the birdie back 2 its nest with help from your Facebook friends! Answer tricky questions about your friends to help this little bird get home safely. Connect with Facebook and receive help from your friends to guide this bird back home to its family!




Executive Producer
Ryan is the President, CEO and Founder of Mention Mobile. He has served as producer and creator of various social apps and games. With a vast background in management and social media he has used his extensive skill set and creative vision to form Mention Mobile.

Creative Lead
Kory is the Co-founder of Mention Mobile. An Emmy-winning creative head and entrepreneur with 13 years experience in entertainment, revolutionizing live sporting event graphics for FOX, CBS, ESPN and many other television networks. His history also includes Pre-Viz direction and VFX supervision for film and games.

Lead Designer
Jon is the Interactive Artist of Mention Mobile. He's an intrepid artisan with nearly half a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, producing projects ranging from motion graphics to digital photography. Jon is also Founder of The Condolence Co.

Lead Developer
Rohit is the Head Developer of Mention Mobile. He's an impeccable programmer with excellent and concise coding skills. With a deep history in computer science, Rohit is able to neatly structure, flesh out and lay solid, cohesive coding for all of Mention Mobile's games and applications.